Офтальмозавры ловят кальмаров во мраке ночи.
"...In fact, despite her convulsions (she was clutching her stomach), Lux had dared to put on a coat of the forbidden pink lipstick that tasted— so the boys on the roof told us — like strawberries. Woody Clabault’s sister had the same brand, and once, after we got into his parents’ liquor cabinet, we made him put on the lipstick and kiss each one of us so that we, too, would know what it tasted like. Beyond the flavor of the drinks we improvised that night (part ginger ale, part bourbon, part lime juice, part scotch) we could taste the strawberry wax on Woody Clabault’s lips, transforming them, before the artificial fireplace, into Lux's. ". (с) Jeffrey Eugenides "The Virgin Suicides"

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